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Zuber, See also the Personal Data Policy: warships in Middle East intercepted an Iranian-flagged merchant vessel suspected of carrying crude oil to Syria. It is a first time since 2011 when the US Navy has detained a vessel in the Arab world. The US 7th Fleet confirmed on Tuesday that it had intercepted an Iranian-flagged tanker which was heading from the United Arab Emirates to Syria. The tanker was not flying the flag of any country in the area and was not identified as Iranian. The Navy has not specified exactly where in the Arabian Gulf the incident took place, but Reuters reports that it was off the coast of Fujairah, UAE. Read more The crew was given the option to surrender and the military has since informed the United Nations that it was carrying fuel. The Iranian vessel was turned over to the US Navy for investigation and the US Seventh Fleet said that it is the first time since March 2011 that the US had detained a vessel in the Arabian Gulf. “The United States will not permit the sale of oil from the Middle East to fund the murderous violence of the Assad regime and its allies,” said Adm. John Richardson, chief of the US Navy’s Bahrain-based 5th Fleet. While the trade of oil is not banned by the US, all shipping heading to Syria has been barred from entering US waters for the last year. The capture of the vessel will likely add to the pressure on the Obama administration to take a tougher stance against Iran. Tensions between Iran and the US have been rising since Donald Trump was elected president, with the US considering a military response to the alleged attack by Iran on two oil tankers in the Gulf in May. “Iran is committed to the full implementation of the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the nuclear deal]. It is for the Iranian people, through the process of free, fair and transparent elections, to choose their leaders,” Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said in a statement on Monday. “It is not for US courts to deny due process to Iranian citizens.” “Iranian Navy ships today repelled illegal US intrusions into Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean waters,” Zarif added. “Meanwhile, illegal US sanctions against Iran have been left




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